Emmatechnique Products and Services Profile

Emmatechnique Products and Services Profile
Founder: Emmanuel Ekainu (30/7/2014).

Primary Service: Making of Tutors and Creativity that will make Life Easier in With My Father’s tools and Businesses.

Location: Benue State, Nigeria.

Categories of My Father’s Business and Tools Which he has Given to Me To Trade and Make Positive Profit With:

==>1: Personal Business|Tools which Comprises of ;
i. Myself and
ii. My Home|Family; Bringing Up Home in the Knowledge and Admonishing of Him[building a God Knowledgeable Home, Family and Myself].

==>2: Mobile Business|Tools Which Comprises of;

i. Interpretation of the Scriptures ion such a way that people Understands and Finds the Knowledge of Him.

ii. Learning and Teaching Peoples about him: Which Will help You Solve Spiritual Problems With the Knowledge of God Who Want us to Come to the Full Knowledge of his Son, So that we’ll no longer be infant and been Tossed To and Fro by the Cunning of the Wicked Men[Ephesians 4:11-14].

==>3. Mobile Business|Tools Which he gave me to labor and make wealth that i may have something good to give/help those that are in need Which Comprises of;
i. Web tools; website building and designing, Fixing and Resolving Website Problems and The Likes.
ii. Business Tools; bulksms, webhosting, eCommerce and the likes
iii. Funny Tool; Making of Funs for Joy, Laughter and Smiles which is far more better than sorrows of the face and bitterness of the hearts.

Acceptable Payment Means and Payment Gateways:
PayPal, Bank.

Contact Profiles:
2go Username: Emmanuel4742.
Whatsapp: +2348165374286.
Email: Emmanuelekainu@gmail.com.
Telephone: 2348165374286.

See My Products and Services at My Products and Services Shop.

Vision: To Provide Products and Services that Can Solver People’s Problem in the area of My Father’s Businesses and Tools.

I Also Offers and Provide Most Of What Is Being Posted On This Website At My Products and Service Home. Now You Can Simply Come To My Products and Service Home Located at Back Of Holy Child Secondary School, Mobile Barracks, Adeke, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria For Solutions On Internet, Website Designing, Computers And Mobile Phone Related Problems.

Emmatechnique Products and Services: :

I Now Provide The Following Listed Services For Customers In Nigeria:

Repairs and Maintenance Service of Phones, Computers and Websites, Software’s/Apps/Plugins Developments For Phones, Computers and Websites, Flashing and Unlocking Of Phones and Computers, Bulksms Services, Website Designing and Building, Printing, Photocopying and Scanning, Online Registrations, Gadget Sales and Importation and I Also Offer Training and Coaching and Counseling Services On These My Field Of Expertise.

Quotes: A diligent man in his business shall stand before kings and not Ordinary man, but if anyone draws back from what he/she believes about GOD and him/herself, I have no pleasure in that person.

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